Published: 16 November 2016

Development of a high-performance anion-exchange membrane for use in alkali membrane fuel cells

Dr Julia Ponce-Gonzalez in the Department of Chemistry has published an open access paper in the Royal Society of Chemistry's Energy and Environmental Science (Impact Factor 25.43).

The paper "High performance aliphatic-heterocyclic benzyl-quaternary ammonium radiation-grafted anion-exchange membranes" describes the development of the next generation of high performance anion-exchange membrane (AEM) for use in alkaline membrane fuel cells or alkaline membrane water electrolysers. The novel AEM exhibits desirable stability in alkali and a high hydroxide conductivity in humidified environments.

Dr Ponce-Gonzalez is a postdoc in Prof John Varcoe's and Dr Daniel Whelligan's group. The paper is the result of an international collaboration between the University of Surrey and Prof Herring's group at the Colorado School of Mines in the USA and Prof Lin Zhuang's group at Wuhan University in the P. R. China. The research was funded by the EPSRC (grants EP/M005933/1 and EP/M014371/1).

Since 2003, Prof Varcoe's research in the department has pioneered the development of anion-exchange membranes for use in electrochemical technologies such as alkaline membrane fuel cells. His 2014 open access review paper "Anion-exchange membranes in electrochemical energy systems" provides a summary of this technology.

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