Published: 01 April 2015

Dr Clive Cheong Took awarded new research projects on the optimisation of water resources

Dr Clive Cheong Took, a Lecturer of the Department, has been awarded two research projects on the management of water resources granted by Innovate UK - Technology Strategy Board (TSB). The two projects are the result of a joint effort with two industrial partners WSP Ltd (project lead) and Concepture.

The first project will entail feasibility studies to deliver water security for all during shale gas production, starting from April to November 2015. Other project partners include Imperial College London and Cardiff University.

The second project will introduce new approaches to develop an optimisation engine for a system which counters problems of flooding, freshwater supply, and ecological stress through storage of excess freshwater in a network of automatically controlled storage systems within the landscape.

The project is likely to start in June 2015 and lasts for a period of 30 months. Dr Payam Barnaghi from the University's Institute of Communication Systems will also assist in the second project by sharing his expertise in 'internet of things'.

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