Published: 16 May 2017

EAWOP 2017

Members of the Department of People and Organisations attending EAWOP conference in Dublin 

Members of the department are presenting their research 17-20 of May, 2017 

For the full program click here 

Ilke Inceoglu
Motives and human needs at work: Their relevance for everyday working life and career paths 
Friday 19th of May 11:30 am

This study examines relationships between age and work motivation in a sample of over 80,000 working adults across 28 countries by also exploring the potential effect of industry sector

Rashpal Dhensa-Kahlon
The role of humor in recovery from organizational injustice: A two-study investigation 

Organizational justice research demonstrates that people often react negatively when they experience workplace unfairness, such as ‘getting even’ with their perpetrator or performing their jobs less effectively (Ambrose & Schminke, 2009). This is not withstanding the impact on individuals themselves which may be emotionally, psychologically and physically adverse (Bies & Tripp, 1996). There have been calls to explore if, and how, employees can recover from workplace unfairness (Barclay & Saldhana, 2015). Drawing on Cognitive-Motivational-Relational theory (Lazarus, 1991) we explore whether the use of humor, in an injustice context, can mitigate an individual’s sense of unfairness. 

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