Published: 01 June 2020

Entertainment for care home residents

Rachel Munday, a biological sciences student, has been providing entertainment for local care home residents.

Rachel Munday

Many of us still have work, children or creative hobbies to occupy our minds during this strange time but there are those who no longer live at home, but in a residential care home who are unable to see relatives or partake in their usual community activities. Rachel Munday, a Surrey biological sciences student, has been producing weekly content for the residents at a local care home to help occupy their minds and lift their spirits.

Rachel’s family have a special connection to the staff and residents at the care home where her Grandma resided for five years. She is using this emotionally important tie to fuel her participation in finding alternatives for the traditional activity calendar that this care home runs each week for their residents. Visits to the home have been temporarily suspended and many of the communal activities for the residents are not possible whilst the facility complies with social distancing guidelines to ensure everyone’s health and safety.

“It’s nice to know that we are able to brighten their day in this small way and provide them with a distraction during these difficult circumstances.”

In place of the old activities, Rachel has adapted the traditions, and now writes a weekly news round, including brain-teaser activities, puzzles as well as ‘on this day in history’ facts. This is electronically submitted and printed remotely in the home, minimising any risks. Her intentions are to “provide them with something that would keep their brains active or spark a nice memory, while also reminding them that they are not alone and that there are people who are thinking of them”.

The news round is also being sent to the residents’ relatives, providing a topic of conversation other than Covid-19, to discuss during their phone or video calls. The care home staff have praised Rachel’s efforts and made it known that the residents look forward to receiving each and every news round.

We applaud Rachel’s efforts for giving her and valuable time to help boost excitement and morale amongst this care home community.

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