Published: 30 January 2020

ESRC awarded impact project on influencing and supporting religious identity in the NHS

Surrey Business School’s Dr YingFei Héliot launches Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC) funded impact project on ‘Influencing and supporting religious identity in the NHS through faith competency’ at NHS Key Stakeholders event.

The event hosted and organised by Dr Héliot on 27 January welcomed key stakeholders from 15 NHS trusts to Surrey Business School. Bringing together Trust Chair, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, HR managers, Diversity, Equality, Inclusion managers, Chaplains, Doctors, Nurses, Community Workers in the NHS and Director of Research at Surrey Business School to engage in discussions in this under-researched area.

Feedback from a key stakeholder recognised the importance of Dr Héliot’s research stating, I think your work is long overdue and very timely.

The event received very positive and encouraging feedback from stakeholders:

“I thought it was well set-up, organised and delivered. What is impressive is that this research is seen to be properly funded by the ESRC, NHS Employers and the University of Surrey and thus grants kudos and respect to those labouring in the spiritual care field in NHS Trusts, and those concerned with this area.”

It was very thorough and calmly and confidently delivered. Very exciting/powerful, I felt like we were making NHS history and it feels really satisfying to be using the tool of research to guide these conversations.”

“I really enjoyed the day: the input, discussion, hospitality, new networking and the food-for-thought and hopefully action!”

It was interesting in many ways. The research is great, and I agree that the conversation needs to be held.”

“What a fabulous event! All very exciting”

Dr Héliot has since been invited to talk again as a key speaker at the NHS Inclusion Summit 2020 in July and will be sharing her findings on an ongoing NHS research project.


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