Published: 22 August 2018

Five reasons to study Psychology at Surrey

Our BSc Psychology degree provides you with a wealth of personal, professional and academic opportunities: it’s a versatile springboard for whatever future career you choose. Here are the top five reasons why should you choose the University of Surrey for your Psychology degree:

Psychology Student

1. Investing in our students’ futures

We are investing £5.4M in our new psychology teaching facilities, for launch in Spring 2019. This includes a brand new suite of teaching and project labs, all extremely well equipped with a range of cutting-edge research techniques including eye-tracking, psychophysiology, and neuroscientific methods. We’ll train you in these techniques right from your first year, linking theory to practice. Week-on-week, your learning will be enhanced with hands on experience using this specialist equipment in pairs and small groups. Throughout your course, you’ll develop advanced research skills across a variety of techniques.

2. Professional training opportunities

Our optional Professional Training Year gives you a valuable opportunity to explore career paths and enhance your employability. You’ll gain work experience and insight through a job role aligned with your interests – we offer applied roles in clinical, forensic, mental health and educational settings as well as positions in a wide range of other sectors (e.g. media, HR, government). Our dedicated Psychology placement tutors will help you identify and apply for a suitable placement, supporting you throughout your choices.

During your Professional Training placement, you will be paired with a member of faculty who will visit you in your first few weeks on placement and check in with you regularly throughout the year, liaising with your placement supervisor to ensure you are satisfied with your progress. The Professional Training Year provides an excellent head start in choosing a career, the opportunity to gain valuable workplace skills and experience, and in some cases leads directly to a graduate level position.

3. Research embedded into the curriculum

Our BSc Psychology course is accredited by the British Psychological Society and has been commended for embedding research throughout our core modules, ensuring you are at the forefront of psychological knowledge. Our programme also includes a Voluntary Research Apprenticeship scheme, a focus on developing your research and analysis skills in coursework and final year specialised modules.

Teaching is delivered by research-active staff who are experts in their specialist field. In your final year, you will be able to select from a range of in-depth modules from across the breadth of psychology, to support your particular interests and career ambitions; you’ll also work closely with a member of faculty to complete a research project on a topic of your choosing.

4. Supported throughout your studies

We know that adjusting to life at University can be a big transition, which is why we are dedicated to ensuring that our students have all the support they need to excel. From the start of your studies you will be assigned a member of faculty as personal tutor who will be on hand to guide your transition into university, and support and advise you throughout your course.

You will also receive weekly academic tutorials in your first year in groups of 10-15 students, focussed on developing key academic skills such as essay writing and presentation skills, literature searches and critical evaluation, and preparing for exams. You’ll have the same tutor throughout the year, which ensures a high level of support, tailored to you as an individual.

5. Employability and professional skills

Our BSc Psychology course has been designed to help our students gain employability skills from day one, creating well-rounded graduates that are prepared to succeed in employment or go on to further training as practising psychologists. We use a variety of assessment techniques, to ensure that you develop these skills successfully as you progress through the course.

The programme includes a professional development portfolio supported by your personal tutor. Our dedicated second year module will prepare you for your professional training placement and future employment, and will help you to develop informed career plans within Psychology or other related professional fields.

Graduates of our BPS-accredited BSc Psychology degree are eligible for graduate basis for chartered membership of the BPS, which is essential for admission to postgraduate training needed to become a chartered psychologist. Many graduates have gone on to study postgraduate degrees that specialise in clinical, counselling, health, environmental, occupational, social psychology or research methods all of which are offered at Surrey.

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