Published: 08 December 2017

Funding to Improve Small Water Supplies Assessment in Uganda

£20,000 won for collaborative initiative with University of Kyambogo, Uganda.

Drs. Kathy Pond and Sue Hughes (University of Surrey) and Dr. Kenan Okurut (University of Kyambogo, Uganda) have won £20,000 funding from the Higher Education Funding Council for England's('HEFCE') Global Challenge Research Fund ('GCRF') to undertake capacity building to improve the quality of small water supplies in Uganda. In 2015, it was estimated that 663 million people worldwide used unimproved drinking-water sources, including unprotected wells, springs and surface water (JMP, 2015). Therefore, it is imperative that they are safe.

The World Health Organisation’s (‘WHO’) global drinking-water quality guidelines recommend a preventive, risk-based approach to water quality management from source to exposure for the management of microbial hazards (WHO, 1997). Improving the robustness of the risk assessment process as well as ensuring they are used appropriately is essential to ensure maximum impact. This project is designed to address the quality of small water supplies by improving the robustness of the risk assessment methods whilst training students and stakeholders (UK and Ugandan) in risk assessment methods and technical water quality monitoring skills. The collaboration will help to strengthen links between researchers at the University of Surrey and Kyambogo University, Uganda.

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