Published: 02 March 2020

'Future thinking', with Hannah Trott

What exactly is ‘future thinking’? Future thinking means encouraging young people to aim high for themselves and be ambitious about their future, and Hannah is passionate about it.

‘Finding our futures’ is a partnership between the University and King's College Guildford. The partnership includes two innovative components: The Aspirations Curriculum and the Futures Ambassadors Scheme.

The Aspirations Curriculum is built around Hannah as Aspirations Lead; she’s based at the school and employed to work closely with students and their families, providing a level of support well beyond the expectations of usual school/university relationships. Futures Ambassadors allows students to use their voice, develop leadership skills and be representatives for the partnership.

Hannah’s role within King's College was the University’s inspirational way to mark our 50th anniversary in Guildford in 2016: a living and growing emblem of partnership with our community that truly reflects our commitment to Guildford and its citizens, in gratitude for our thriving campus home.

Last year, the proportion of students achieving a grade four at English GCSE rose from 54 to 74 per cent, and the proportion achieving a grade five rose from 28 to 51 per cent. This is an astonishing increase, testament to the school’s ambitious curriculum and the dedication of its staff – including Hannah!

Since 2017 at King's College, Hannah has been a big part of taking the school to a good OFSTED rating, making a huge difference for pupils present and future. New national data released by the Department for Education reveals King's College is in the top three most improved schools in the county. The school is also in the top 3 per cent for the most improved academic performance in England. A fantastic achievement! Great to see our partnership with the school going from strength to strength through Hannah’s innovative and impactful role.

Find out more about the Finding our Futures partnership.

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