Published: 01 November 2018

Guildford School of Acting

Guildford School of Acting brightens pre-schooler’s horizons

GSA Bright Horizon Nursery

A group of ten children from Bright Horizon’s Nursery School have visited GSA for a workshop all about “acting school”, in an initiative set up by University staff member Amanda Weekes, who works closely with the nursery.

The workshop featured drama related games led by GSA Marketing Co-ordinator, Madeleine Gibb, designed to encourage the children to use improvisation, mime, voice and story-telling skills to develop communication and awareness. Alison Avis, GSA’s Head of Enterprise, also led a short class in animal dance and movement.

Bright Horizon’s Manager Leah, said “The children from our Pre-School class loved visiting GSA. It is so important for the children to learn about how they can express themselves through role play and expressive arts.”

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