Published: 05 May 2021

Joint Statement from Surrey Vet School and RCVS to Final-Year Surrey Students

The Covid-19 global pandemic has created unique and unprecedented challenges for every sector of society; veterinary education is no exception. This is why the RCVS and Surrey have been working closely throughout this period to ensure the continued delivery of veterinary education to Surrey’s students despite the restrictions in place.

The decision to reschedule some of the weeks of clinical placements lost due to the pandemic has been made to ensure you have the best possible preparation for starting your career as a veterinary surgeon this summer. Although for some of you, this may delay graduation for a few weeks, please be assured that you will be able to register as MsRCVS and begin working as soon as you have the letter stating you have completed the degree programme successfully, and you do not need to wait until after the graduation ceremony.

Surrey Vet School and RCVS are committed to ensuring the rescheduled clinical placements are of maximum benefit to you individually, and will consider any gaps or areas in which you have had less experience when identifying the best possible placements for you. We are in no doubt that this time will be valuable for you in preparing you for your future role.

Following initial RCVS approval Surrey has been proactive in developing a delivery plan for this additional intra-mural rotations (IMR) requirement and communicating the change to its plans to staff and students, and RCVS will continue to work with Surrey in this respect. Surrey’s first communication to students was on 23 April in consideration of final-year students who were taking exams. Two meetings with students have taken place since to explain the situation and to understand and respond to concerns. The delivery of additional IMR is being managed as a project within Surrey’s Vet School, with professional services support. Workstreams have been identified to manage all aspects of this project including scheduling, practice liaison, communications and staffing.

We can confirm that the agreed mitigations put in place in response to the Covid 19 pandemic do not affect the accreditation status of the programme or the ability of final-year students to register with RCVS on graduation. Surrey is in possession of a Recognition Order which entitles graduates of its BVMSci programme to become registered with RCVS. We can also assure you that Surrey and the RCVS remain committed to working closely to ensure that final-year vet students completing the BVMSci programme successfully, which includes attainment of all RCVS Day-One competences, receive their degree awards at the earliest possible opportunity, allowing them to register with the RCVS and enter the veterinary workforce.

We hope that this provides all final-year Surrey students with sufficient clarity about the plans that are now being put in place, and that this gives you certainty about your ability to register with RCVS on graduation. However, should you have any specific questions or concerns not addressed by this note, you can contact the School at or RCVS at

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