Published: 18 October 2018

Key findings into hubristic leadership is front page news in Forbes, Korea

This summer Professor Eugene Sadler-Smith presented at the first ever Hubris Forum in Seoul, South Korea on Hubristic Leadership. Eugene’s keynote talk was featured on the front page of Forbes Korea, testament to this area’s growing popularity around the world, following recent political developments.

Hubristic leaders are intoxicated with power and success, as a result they make overly confident decisions and show contempt for criticism or advice. Professor Sadler-Smith outlined why hubristic leadership is relevant to business, what can cause it and how organisations can prevent it.

Professor Sadler-Smith has made great waves in the arena of Hubristic Leadership; with new insights into the characteristics and causes of this phenomena, highlighting toxic factors which can breed this behaviour, as well as proposing a new ‘Anti-Hubris Toolkit’ for organisations.

This November Professor Sadler-Smith's new new book Hubristic Leadership will be releasing, published by Sage, which further investigates the societal, economic, financial and reputational costs of hubristic leadership, as well as expanding on his insights into the characteristics, causes and the recommended safeguards against it.

This book adopts an inter-disciplinary approach to investigating this form of leadership, with examples drawn from business and politics including the Lehmann Brothers, BP and Deepwater Horizon, Blair and Bush in the Iraq Invasion, NASA, and Donald Trump.

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