Published: 05 August 2020

Lifting spirits through music

Ruth Akujuaobi, Pentecostal Chaplain, has written, recorded and released a new hope filled song called “Alive again”.

Image of Ruth A

Singing and music have known physical, mental and social benefits, which are more important now than ever. Unsurprisingly, playing and listening to songs focused on hope during a crisis can provide much needed comfort and calm, and such songs are proving to do just that as we continue to negotiate our way through the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Ruth is a highly successful gospel recording artist and songwriter, and a Co-Pastor at her local community church where she provides vital pastoral care to the women, youth and children in her congregation. She is also a member of the music team at her local church and organises numerous music concerts and events throughout the year. Ruth leads and inspires various music teams from different churches both locally and internationally and her music has brought joy to many over the past 15 years.

Ruth joined the University’s Chaplaincy Team in December 2019 as our Pentecostal Chaplain. When the country went into lockdown, having been able to partially fulfil some of her normal Co-Pastor duties and University Chaplain roles through virtual fellowship on Teams and Zoom, she knew there was more to be done. Being moved with compassion for the welfare of the sick, elderly and lonely, she knew she had to use her musical talent to bring joy and hope to people’s lives. The result is a new song themed on hope called “Alive again” – listen via YouTube.

Speaking about this further, Ruth said: “Knowing that music improves wellbeing and connectedness, I felt compelled to create a new song centred on the theme of a hope at a time where we are all trying to stay connected with our family, friends and colleagues – and need hope to get through this challenging time, which has shaken so many lives.

“My desire to support and help others inspired me to write this new song, which I am delighted to share with everyone. It gives me so much pleasure to be able to lift the spirits of others”.

Ruth runs a weekly ‘Hope Show’ on the Students’ Union’s Facebook page every Tuesday.

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