Published: 02 December 2015

Lily Webb wins - NCE Dragons Den Award

Congratulations to Surrey Undergraduate Lily Webb who entered the NCE’s Dragons’ Den competition as part of a team with two graduates from Atkins, and who were announced as winners at the Future Technology Forum in October this year.

Some background about the Award

With the government’s Construction 2025 vision calling for a 33% reduction in construction costs, halving greenhouse emissions and halving the time to build infrastructure, the NCE set up a competition to find smart, efficient and technologically advanced rising starts to pitch their ideas on how to meet the 2025 vision. They were particularly interested in advancing safe working and boosting productivity on projects.

What was the winning team's idea?

SiteBand is wearable technology for a construction site. It consists of a cloud based database which supports the robust wearable bands which everyone on site would be required to wear. The first generation of SiteBand will be used for access onto different parts of the site, access to stores and access to plant and equipment; it will be automatically scanned at all toolbox talks and permit briefings so spot checks can easily and simply be carried out on site. Siteband will also house a database of knowledge so when you arrive on a site, all your information will instantaneously be made available to the site, so you don’t need to fill out multiple forms when you arrive. The second generation will build upon the first with communications built into it. The future generations will include health monitoring, location services, and will be able to communicate with plant and equipment.

What did the competition consist of?

The competition consisted of three rounds, the first of which involved summarising our idea in 5 PowerPoint slides and submitting a synopsis at the end of August.

Lily's team were shortlisted to the final eight and after one teammate successfully pitched their idea to the Dragons in September, they made it through to the live final at the NCE’s inaugural Future Technology Forum, held at The Crystal, London. The team gained over 40% of the audience vote and a unanimous vote from the Dragons to win this year’s competition.

The winning team were subsequently invited to attend the British Construction Industry Awards later that month were they received a special mention in front of the 900+ industry professionals.

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