Published: 26 January 2021

Meet the academic: Dr Constantin Ciachir

Dr Constantin Ciachir is Programme Director of Surrey Business School's MSc in Human Resources Management and Senior Teaching Fellow in HRM and Organisational Behaviour.

Dr Constantin Ciachir
Dr Constantin Ciachir

Your career

Prior to joining academia in 2013, I worked in various industries and countries. My first ever job was as radio broadcaster. After three years of airing shows, I dipped my toes into the fashion industry and worked as designer assistant for a year, before moving into telecommunications where I spent most of my 20s, but for one year which I spent resolving online fraud cases for a financial institution. In 2013, I turned most of my attention towards work in psychology and human resources management and worked as a consultant and as a graduate teaching assistant at the University of York, where I completed my PhD.

Describe your time at Surrey

Challenging, developmental, and rewarding.

What inspires you about Surrey?

In one word: collegiality. The environment at Surrey is open, friendly, and supportive. I have been, and still am, working with amazing people, who I now consider very good friends.

Collegiality at Surrey is not just among members of staff, but also between staff and students - constantly seeking to make sense of, negotiate, and create knowledge. 

Why should a student study your subject at Surrey?

To be challenged, developed, and be rewarded for hard work and meaningful contributions. At Surrey we do, reflect, think, and experiment – there is value in every second.

What are your interests outside of academia?

I would like to say something interesting like bungee jumping, snowboarding, or playing the piano. The reality is more boring than that, and I spend whatever free time I have socialising and learning about cultures and languages.

Is there a memory from Surrey that particularly stands out?

The one particular memory at Surrey that stands out for me was the day of my job interview. Hence, I am still around four years later!

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