Published: 04 March 2021

Meet MBA student Mahe Thiagarajan

Find out why current MBA student Mahe Thiagaranjan chose to study an MBA at Surrey Business School, what a typical day on the MBA looks like, and what she hopes to achieve from her course. 

What made you decide to study an MBA?

I had to resign from my job to take care of my child due to his health issues. In the UK, when I wanted to join back after three years I could not get the opportunity, and so I had to enhance my management skills to make me job-ready, hence the decision to do an MBA.

Why Surrey Business School?

I applied only for two business schools which were Reading University and Surrey Business School. After getting admissions from both, the response times, tuition fees, and scholarship of 40% which also came with my offer letter, made me choose SBS over Reading.

The optional modules and the compulsory modules were also important factors. The responses from the MBA Programmes Director Chris Mahon were always quick and he provided clear explanations, which was also a deciding factor.

Was the Taster Session helpful? 

I attended the Taster Session after accepting my offer for the MBA, and Walter Wehrmeyer took a session on Sustainability which is relevant to the current scenario.

Did you research SBS before choosing?

Yes, I researched all the top courses in universities which are accessible from my home. I’m not a technical person, so I applied for MSc in Management and the Surrey MBA and got offers from both courses. 

What does a typical day on the course look like for you?

Although I feel it's hectic because we work on multiple assignments in parallel with preparation for the current module, the learnings from everyday classes makes me feel that I’m learning something new and relevant to industry expectations.

What are the course highlights?

Guest lectures and webinars are the surprise factor for me, and although I’m disappointed that I could not choose the optional modules this year, they are also one of the primary factors why I chose the Surrey MBA over other courses.

What do you hope to achieve from the MBA?

Following the MBA  I hope to get into a managerial or a job in a leadership position.

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