Published: 03 January 2018

New award - Real-time synthesis of immersive audio

The Impact Acceleration Account is enabling Dr Philip Jackson to trial implementations of new 3D audio technologies within a commercial environment. 

Person wearing headphones in front of a screen in a dark room

With support from the IAA and a significant contribution of resources from the company, Philip Jackson (CVSSP) has started working, in early 2018, with RPPtv Ltd to develop and trial new methods of automatically generating 3D sounds for use in the media production industry.

This work integrates 3D audio technologies developed during two EPSRC research projects (Making Sense of Sounds & S3A Future Spatial Audio in the Home) with RPPtv’s cloud-based media content creation platform.

The aim of this six month project, which is using staff at both the University and the company, is to trial and prove the versatility and audio quality of the new technologies so that they can be fully developed in further work.

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