Published: 22 May 2017

Outstanding innovative research in chemistry

Innovate UK has recently rated a Department of Chemistry project as outstanding (grade A), their highest rating. This project resulted in the development of Jally Strips and VerteX products for use in commercial refrigerators and air conditioning units.

VerteX™ is a full-spectrum near neutral (pH 7.6) cleaner for Condensers and Evaporators. Its unique formulation allows it to change its own pH balance to either acid or alkali to better combat the soils it comes into contact with. This adaptive dimension makes it perfect for use in almost any maintenance scenario – both indoors or outdoors.

Jally Strips® give condensate tray microbial control. These strips remain stable at high temperatures, have more effective biocidal properties (which also works to stop the micro-organisms becoming immune) and are able to take 5000 litres of condensate running over them.

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