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Published: 08 April 2019

Pint of Science Festival: Brexit, quantum biology and astrophysics - which is easier to explain?

In a madcap world where Brexit is now as confusing as quantum biology, astrophysics and immunology - the University of Surrey’s world-renowned experts will be headed to local venues throughout Guildford to save the day by answering some of residents’ most burning scientific – and political – questions.

Pint of Science

The local events are part of this year’s Pint of Science festival set to take place from 20 until 22 May - with tickets going on sale from 8 April and costing just £4. Tickets are available on the Pint of Science website.

Pint of Science festival is an international experiment that sees thousands of intrepid scientists from across our planet (300 cities in 24 countries) infiltrate their local communities and share their hard-won knowledge about today’s hot topics and fascinating issues.

This year’s slate of speakers includes academics from the University’s new Quantum Biology programme - an exciting, new and relatively unknown field of study that looks at whether quantum physics can untangle some of the more inexplicable questions from the world of biology - questions such as the origins of life itself.

Festival goers can also hear from Surrey’s award-winning Sleep Centre experts who will be on hand to discuss why getting a good night’s kip is so important… and why we still don’t know much about how to get that elusive sleep.

An unenviable but brilliant team from Surrey’s School of Politics will also use the festival as an opportunity to explain what a backstop, Norway 2.0, Common Market, MV4 and other issues related to Brexit actually mean - and what comes next after all is said and done.

The full list of talks can be found on the Pint of Science website.

Ross Kelway, Public Engagement Manager at the University of Surrey, said: “We have been proud and honoured to support this incredible project over the years and I want to thank colleagues that have worked tirelessly to make Pint of Science such a wonderful success. This year promises to be as fascinating, thought provoking and entertaining as ever.”

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