Published: 15 July 2020

Prof Tazeeb Rajwani shares expert opinions with Dubai Chamber

Professor Tazeeb Rajwani provides expert comment and discussion in the Dubai Chamber webinar 'Reconnecting with Stakeholders during Covid-19 - Why it matters and how to get it right'.


Professor Tazeeb Rajwani joined an expert panel including Handy Radwan, Incubator Manager at The Coca-Cola Company, Middle East, and Mansour Hajjar, Head of Country Management for UAE & India, Chalhoub Group.

The webinar was set up to offer businesses an opportunity to hear from leading thought leaders and industry experts on best practices in reconnecting with stakeholders during Covid-19 pandemic.

“The coronavirus outbreak has truly turned our world upside down and has caused devastation that is unlike anything seen in peacetime. As a result, the importance of authentic stakeholder engagement – being real, transparent and trustworthy - is even more vital as businesses come out from lockdown. Businesses need to consider what happens not just today, but tomorrow and beyond, and the way they are perceived and how they communicate with their stakeholders in these times of crisis. This will determine which companies come out of this crisis intact or fail to bounce back. More importantly, stakeholders need and want to trust the companies and organisations that build a consistent authentic stakeholder relationship. Building a positive reputation with your stakeholders require ‘real engagement’ on some level within the organisation, with your customers, suppliers, and governments, which ultimately determines your competitive advantage." Prof Tazeeb Rajwani

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