Published: 11 February 2015

Prof Yaochu Jin awarded new EPSRC research project on evolutionary fluid dynamic optimisation

Prof Yaochu Jin, Head of the Nature Inspired Computing and Engineering (NICE) Research Group, was awarded a new research project by EPSRC.

Dr John Doherty from Department of Mechanical Engineering Sciences is the co-investigator at Surrey. The project will last for 3 years and the starting date is expected to be 1st April 2015.

This research project aims to permit the application of evolutionary algorithms, a class of global search metaheuristics, to fluid dynamic optimisation of highly complex industrial systems by exploiting surrogate models and modern machine learning techniques. Advanced machine learning techniques such as active learning, on-line incremental learning and semi-supervised learning, will be employed to construct prediction and classification models, which are synergistically combined to assist evolutionary algorithms. The developed surrogate-assisted evolutionary optimisation algorithms will be applied to important industrial problems including aerodynamic high-lift wing design and drainage flow control.

More information about the project can be found here.

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