Published: 20 February 2020

Spotlight on Residential Wardens

At Surrey we are dedicated to supporting our students during their time in halls of residence. We have wardens living on campus who are responsible for general welfare and discipline within our accommodation. Deputy Warden, Peter Muncey, and Warden, Leighton Osbourne, tell us about the Warden team at Surrey and the help and support available to students living on campus

residential wardens

What is the role of wardens at university? 

L: As wardens we are here to support you during your time in accommodation and encourage you to develop a community with your housemates. We also look after disciplinary matters, to ensure you have a positive student experience.  

Where are you based on campus?  

P: I live in the Warden’s house in Cathedral Court with my wife and children.  

L: I am based on Hazel Farm, an accommodation-only campus. We tend to stay on our campuses – that way we can get to know you a lot better! 

How can students get in touch or report problems/incidents? 

L: You can contact each Warden team through a dedicated email address and you can also speak to us during our patrols in the evenings. A warden is always on-call to help in emergency situations. If you require immediate assistance, contact the Security team and they will get in touch with us. 

Enquiries: +44(0)1483 682002 (Extension 2002) 

Emergencies (which always take priority): +44(0)1483 683333 (Extension 3333) 

You can also contact the Security team by email: security@surrey.ac.uk 

Can students contact you/report problems anonymously? 

L: We recommend contacting us to discuss any issues or concerns you may have – if we don’t hear from you we assume everything is okay! If you want to report something anonymously or feel that the issue is confidential, you can do this online on our Report and Support platform. 

What sort of problems can wardens help with? 

P: There are lots of issues that we can support students with. Some of the most common things we deal with are: communal living concerns, problems with housemates, noise, breaching the conditions of residence or concerns about the welfare of yourself or a flatmate. Even if we can’t assist you directly, the wardens will know where to refer you for further help and support if needed.  

If required, how can students get help during the evenings/weekends? 

P: Although the University is closed at weekends, there will always be members of the Warden team on duty.  

L: You can also contact the Security team at any time and a member of staff will always be on-hand to assist you further. 

How do the wardens resolve problems? 

L: Depending on the issue, our approach can vary. Most problems can be resolved by talking to all parties involved to discuss issues and the impact of these. For more serious matters, we work with other teams at the University to act in the best interests of all involved. 

P: We like to work with students to solve problems. This could be by encouraging communication among flatmates, referring students to another support service within the University or in extreme circumstances we may take the step of removing a student from the halls of residence and referring to a disciplinary panel. 

"I am very appreciative of the wardens' understanding and their sensitivity when helping with my problem. Thank you for your support."

– Former resident 

What can I expect from the wardens? 

P: You can expect a friendly member of staff who is approachable and happy to help. Wardens are committed to supporting students and helping you to get the best out of your experience in the residences.  

What can the wardens expect from me? 

P: To sum it up in one word, consideration. We expect students to show consideration to those living around them.  

L: Understanding and patience. For many of you, this will be your first time away from home, which brings its own challenges, but rest assured we can help you all. 

What are your top tips for making the most of your time at Surrey? 


  • Get to know your flatmates well – this helps communication 


  • Talk to everybody in your first week – you could meet people who will be lifelong friends 

  • Get involved with clubs and societies – there is something for everyone 

  • Get outside your comfort zone – throw caution to the wind! 

Most importantly, study, have fun and embrace your time here. 


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