Published: 01 August 2016

Student designs ‘zero bills’ house

Take a look inside and learn more about how the innovative home is built…

Rehan Khodabuccus helped design the groundbreaking 'Zero Bills Home' while working with ZEDfactory, who sponsored him while he was completing his thesis for his Practitioner Doctorate in Sustainability at Surrey.

The house is built on a superinsulated concrete foundation which prevents heat from escaping during the winter months. It has superinsulated cladding, triple glazing and lowers heat demand so effectively that only a tiny pump is needed to provide hot water.

The roof, designed by ZEDfactory, features a solar power system that provides electricity and the layout of the house allows natural daylight to flood in, so occupants can avoid using electric lights during the day.

The house is estimated to cost only £1,350 per m2 to build, and its structure means that one floor can be built in two days, reducing the carbon emissions of construction. 

The innovative house will now go on display as one of 96 show homes for a zero bills development in Newport, Essex. 

Rehan said: "The programme at Surrey has enabled me to take my academic experience and combine it with real world application; the structure of the course is exemplary in fostering this approach and as such my research has directly contributed to the design and application of zero carbon housing in the UK."

Discover more about our doctoral course in sustainability at Surrey.

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