Published: 27 July 2020

Student steps up as part of local Boots Pharmacy team

Surrey Business School student Anza Ahmed extends time in Guildford to support pharmacy customers in time of need.

For many of us, it is not in our nature to stand-by during a crisis, which is why we have seen an abundance of people pledging their time and expertise if they have the capacity to do so.

Anza Ahmed, a Surrey Business School student, had a part time job as a Customer Assistant at Boots in Guildford alongside his university studies. But when the pandemic set in, he was promoted to work in the pharmacy department as a Trainee Dispenser and Pharmacy Advisor because the pressure on this service grew. As part of his new role, Boots is training Anza in a qualification in pharmacy services and dispensing. This is providing him with the skills to work within the pharmacy; helping to ensure every patient is cared for by assisting with the swift processing of prescriptions and offering medical advice on behind-the-counter medicines. The qualification has meant that Anza has “learnt so much in a matter of months due to the urgency of the pandemic; from dispensing, requesting, organising and learning a lot about medication”.

Anza even extended his university accommodation instead of heading home so that he could continue to carry on helping the NHS; to whom he has currently given over 400 hours of his time. He tells us that he wanted to have an impact during these difficult times, especially though working directly in a healthcare setting: “I love helping others and being useful to the community wherever help is needed, and I’m grateful that I was offered to work in this position. All the NHS workers around me have inspired me to carry on”.

It’s clear to see by this how the NHS has had a huge impact on many people, not just through helping to save lives, but by inspiring and motivating others to offer their help and join the healthcare sector. We are proud to see so many of our Surrey students contributing their time to help, in small ways that make a huge difference.

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