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Published: 15 April 2019

Surrey academic to develop on-treatment imaging methods to guide radiotherapy

Dr Nikolaos Dikaios from the Centre for Vision Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP), based at the University of Surrey, has been awarded a prestigious Royal Society Industry Fellowship to work on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) methods to help treat cancer.


Radiotherapy is a vital part of most cancer patients’ treatment plans – with 50 per cent receiving the remedy. Key to radiotherapy treatment is image guidance that shows doctors the location and size of the tumour, allowing them to provide maximum dosage to the specific site without affecting surrounding, healthy tissue. It is also essential for oncologists to have accurate images so they understand how the tumour is responding to treatment.

The awarded Royal Society Industry Fellowship will see Dr Dikaios work with Elekta to further explore the encouraging indications that MRI can provide unprecedented imaging accuracy during radiotherapy treatment.

Dr Dikaios, Lecturer in Image Analysis for Medicine and Healthcare at CVSSP, said: “I am proud to receive this Royal Society Industry Fellowship, but most of all, I am eager to get on with the task of further developing this very promising technology. We will be using MRI to perform real-time visualisations of radiotherapy treatments and monitoring of tumours – testing whether our methods give doctors the precious time needed to adapt according to how a tumour is reacting.”

Adrian Hilton, Distinguished Professor and Director of CVSSP, said: “This is fantastic news and I would like to congratulate Dr Dikaios for earning this prestigious award. Nikos and the Medical Imaging Group at CVSSP are doing incredible work that is well on its way to providing a paradigm shift in the way we treat cancer.”




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