Published: 20 October 2016

Surrey Academic Involved in Prestigious EU Framework Project:

Professor Rosalind Malcolm has been acting as the primary legal ethics expert for a prestigious EU Framework Project D-BOX on humanitarian de-mining.


Professor Malcolm Rosalind concluded the D-BOX project in April 2016.  This project was concerned with humanitarian demining and the results will have a key impact on the humanitarian demining industry to improve land release techniques and ethical, legal and cultural approaches within communities affected by unexploded ordinances.  The element of the project undertaken in the School of Law by Professor Malcolm and Thoko Kaime (now at Essex University) included the development of 2 CEN Workshop Agreements:

  • CWA 17046: Humanitarian demining: non-technical survey in the land release process
  • CWA 17008: Cultural Guidelines for Humanitarian Demining

These CEN Workshop Agreements are the result of a process which involved the demining industry and was a consensual agreement on techniques to be used in the field.  The Cultural Guidelines (authored by Rosalind Malcolm with Dave Usher, Irina Stanciugelu and Stewart Grainger) have also been published as a Handbook for Deminers by CBRNE Ltd (Feb 2016).  The research was part of the FP7 Framework Agreement D-BOX (Grant agreement 284996) and involved 20 companies led by Airbus plc.

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