Published: 30 March 2021

Surrey Business School awarded significant grant for research into supply chain resilience

Congratulations to Professor Glenn Parry and team who’ve been awarded a £1m EPSRC grant for Responsive Additive Manufacture to Overcome Natural and Attack-based disruption (RAMONA), a project that will examine how manufacturing supply chains can be made more resilient.

The grant will be allocated to Surrey Business School’s Department of Digital Economy Entrepreneurship and Innovation and partners at University of Warwick and Henley Business School.

The transdisciplinary project brings together different disciplines. Computer scientists will develop means to recognise threats to additive manufacturing [3D printing] network. Supply chain management will model the network and identify different supply chain options that may be optimised in different ways – more secure, faster or more efficient.

The team will develop a 'double lock' system for 3D printing: a digital ‘hash’ will be created of data files, and a novel physical product ‘hash’ developed for physical objects. These hashes will be secured on blockchain, allowing audit. Adaptive supply chains will be able to respond to disruption, identifying attacks, shifting production location and supply route to create resilience.

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