Published: 04 September 2020

Surrey Business School joins forces with local business and national networks to support Covid-19 'bounce-back'

Both businesses and employees need as much support as possible as the country tries to get back on its feet after the terrible impact of Covid-19 on both the national psychology as well as the economy.

Given the traumas and challenges of the last five months, particularly on employees of UK SME’s, the Employee Action Initiative (EAI) has been formed as a collaborative programme between YouBecome (experts in employee experience), Surrey Business School, British Chambers of Commerce and local enterprise partnerships from across the UK.

The aim of the programme is to provide funded support to help company owners measure the psychological and emotional impact of Covid-19 on their workforce and take the right actions to help their businesses move forward. The programme is focused on giving companies the right data and analysis so that they can make effective decisions.

"This is a timely project that seeks to place the employee voice at the heart of policy-making through the Covid-19 crisis. Through collaboration with the British Chambers of Commerce and Local Enterprise Partnerships, we will collect high quality data from employees in UK companies of all sectors and provide valuable insights to help the government and businesses owners understand how employees are coping with the pandemic and their fears and concerns about the future.” - Dr Ying Zhou, Reader in Human Resource Management at Surrey Business School and Principal Investigator 

Find out more about the benefits of the Employee Action Initiative and discover how it can help your business recover and rebound.


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