Published: 19 April 2021

Surrey Business School's Professor Tazeeb Rajwani has paper published in Organization Science

Congratulations to Professor Tazeeb Rajwani who's co-authored paper has been published in Organization Science, one of the top journals in the fields of strategy, management, and organization theory.

In the paper, titled "How business models evolve in weak institutional environments: The case of Jumia, the of Africa”, the authors explore how the business model of a new venture – Jumia, the of Africa - evolves in a weak institutional environment.

They argue that ventures surrounded by considerable uncertainty will deliberately imitate the business models of successful firms. However, because of significant institutional voids, the ventures’ intentional imitation will progressively be replaced by innovation. They propose a process model entitled “imitate-but-modify” that explains how business models evolve through four distinct phases (i.e. clarification, legitimacy, localization, and consolidation).

Request access to view the paper here.

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