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Published: 20 September 2018

Surrey to lead in 4D machine perception with Royal Academy of Engineering Fellowship

The Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) has awarded Dr Armin Mustafa a prestigious Royal Academy of Engineering Fellowship to support her research at the University of Surrey exploring 4-dimensional (4D) machine perception technology which will allow computers and mobile devices to understand the world we live in.

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Dr Armin Mustafa

The natural world is 4D – three-dimensional objects, such as people, which move over time. 4D machine perception of natural dynamic scenes is critical to enabling autonomous systems, such as robots, to work safely alongside people at home or work. The five-year RAEng Fellowship will provide the foundation for 4D machine perception of complex dynamic scenes, to help machines reconstruct, interpret and interact with the natural world.

The rise in popularity of smart devices – from mobile phones to autonomous cars and robotic care assistants – has led to a demand for improved machine understanding of the world they operate in, so they can integrate with our day-to-day lives.

Dr Mustafa has contributed ground-breaking PhD research into 4D reconstruction of dynamic scenes.  The RAEng fellowship will provide the platform for her to realise the advances required for 4D machine perception to understand natural dynamic scenes, by combining her research in 4D reconstruction with recent advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning.

Dr Mustafa, Research Fellow at the Centre for Vision Speech and Signal Processing, CVSSP, at the University of Surrey said: "Smart machines have quickly become a feature of our day-to-day lives, and will soon be more important than ever before because of the advances in Artificial Intelligence. With this fellowship I want to understand and progress 4D vision technology, exploiting advances in machine learning that will be at the core of future smart machines so they can ultimately work safely alongside us.”

Professor Adrian Hilton, CVSSP’s Director commented: “I want to congratulate Armin for securing this prestigious Royal Academy of Engineering Fellowship. This award is a testament to her scientific ability, dedication and innovative drive in advancing 4D machine perception which is an essential technology for future intelligent systems.”

Find out more about CVSSP by visiting their website.


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