Published: 10 July 2013

Surrey lecturer awarded prestigious prize for thermodynamic research

Lecturer Dr Esther Forte has been honoured with the Christopher J. Wormald prize for her outstanding research contribution to thermodynamics.

The Christopher J. Wormald prize is awarded annually for an exceptional piece of research in the field of thermodynamics – the study of heat and its relation to energy and work – undertaken as part of a PhD. This year’s prize recognises Dr Esther Forte’s contribution, undertaken at Imperial College, which has filled some important gaps in scientists’ knowledge of thermodynamics in relation to oil recovery and geological carbon storage.                    

The cornerstone of many scientific and engineering disciplines, thermodynamics provides the basis for the design and optimisation of new sustainable industrial processes and the development of advanced materials and products. Investigating a number of problems in thermodynamics, Dr Esther’s PhD research is unusual and particularly valuable as it combines an experimental and theoretical approach.

The prize is given in honour of Christopher J. Wormald, one of the founders of the biennial Thermodynamic Conference, which brings together academic and industry researchers from all over the world, providing an important forum for sharing ideas and information. As winner of the Christopher J Wormald prize, Dr Forte will present her research at this year’s Thermodynamics Conference, which takes place at the University of Manchester from 3rd to 6th September.

Dr Esther Forte says: “It is a great honour to receive this award and at the same time a motivation for me to continue working hard and furthering my research. In the future, I am looking forward to getting more involved in the field of petroleum and surface chemistry. I am extremely grateful to all my colleagues, friends and family who have accompanied me during my PhD, because they all have also contributed to this achievement.”

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