Published: 22 March 2016

Surrey Professor explores mysteries of our universe on BBC Four

A new two-part series presented by Surrey’s Professor of Theoretical Physics Jim Al-Khalili tackles the biggest subject of all – the beginning and end of our universe.

The series kicks off on 22 March with ‘The Beginning’ in which Professor Al-Khalili takes us back in time to tackle the question of how the universe began. The second episode, ‘The End’ looks into the distant future to try to discover how the universe will end. In both programmes, Professor Al-Khalili takes the viewer through a series of critical observations and experiments that have revolutionised our understanding of the world.

Professor Al-Khalili is both Professor of Theoretical Physics and Professor of Public Engagement in Science at Surrey. He is a broadcaster and commentator about science in the media as well as author of a number of popular scientific books.

‘The Beginning’ will first be aired at 9pm on 22 March and ‘The End’ at 9pm on 29 March. The programmes will be available on BBC iPlayer shortly after broadcast.


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