Published: 20 July 2015

Surrey Space Centre’s DeOrbitSail launches into orbit

Experimental satellite now in orbit.

On Friday 10th July at 17:27 UK time, DeOrbitSail was launched by the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle from SDSC SHAR, India. The satellite was part of five UK satellites launched into orbit, including imaging satellites manufactured by Guildford-based Surrey Satellite Technology.

DeorbitSail was received from amateur radio operators all around the world, with telemetry indicating that the satellite is power safe and healthy.

DeOrbitSail is an experimental satellite designed to demonstrate a method for de-orbiting satellites using a deployable sail. As space debris increases with every new satellite launch, the need to follow international guidelines and safely dispose of satellites within 25 years, becomes increasingly apparent, with the crew of the International Space Station taking emergency shelter on Friday due to defunct spacecraft passing close to the station.

Read more about the launch on the BBC news website.

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