Published: 29 August 2018

Surrey Sports Park holds paramedic simulation event

Paramedic Science students at the University of Surrey put their skills to the test during the annual paramedic simulation event at Surrey Sports Park.

Paramedic Science student at Surrey Sports Park

Students on the University’s BSc Paramedic Science course put their emergency response skills to the test, as part of a staged 999 call that involved collaboration with Surrey Sports Park. From wall climbing accidents to trampoline neck injuries, the simulation was designed to improve students’ communication, teamwork and decision-making abilities in challenging and unpredictable situations.

This was part of an annual simulation held in partnership between the School of Health Sciences and Surrey Sports Park, providing Paramedic Science students with a uniquely different environment in which to put their clinical skills to the test. The event also gave staff at the sports park the chance to practice the first aid skills they would utilise while waiting for emergency services to arrive in a real-life situation.

BSc Paramedic Science student, Lauren Field, said this about the simulation event:

 “It was a fun and interesting day getting out and away from the classroom, using the skills we had learnt and putting them together with a multi-casualty scenario. This was the first time we were leading as senior clinicians, and it was a valuable experience for both us and Surrey Sports Park staff, understanding how to communicate with each other and expressing what needed to be done.

"It was different to using the simulation suite at the University, as you had the public watching what was going on and you were responsible for interacting with them as well as the Surrey Sports Park staff and patients. It was a valuable experience overall and an enjoyable one.”

Emma Vyvyan, Paramedic Field Lead, said:

“Our final year Paramedic students have been directly involved with this leadership simulation activity for the last six years. It is a valuable part of their training as they transit from student to graduate Paramedic. The students have the unique opportunity to practice real life skills in a true-to-life setting.

"The environment at Surrey Sports Park offers our students a different experience in a safe and supportive setting, but with the realism of being in the public eye. We see our students demonstrate listening, leadership and delegation skills, sometimes for the first time outside of the university setting.

"The event complements the Paramedic Science programme and their development, while also empowering the staff at Surrey Sports Park when they encounter medical emergencies. We are very grateful to the team at Surrey Sports Park and our enthusiastic students for continuing this exciting annual collaboration.”

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