Published: 17 June 2015

Surrey tourism students visit Morocco

A group of second year tourism students has enjoyed an inspiring trip to Morocco.

The 34 students travelled to Marrakesh as part of a second year module, ‘Tourism in Practice’, when they explored how tourism has created opportunities for the local community.

Accompanied by Caroline Scarles and Dr Paul Hanna, the students took part in a tour by Explore Worldwide which featured a trip to the souks and a two day trek in the Atlas Mountains. On their journey they met a local Tifawin Association providing opportunities for female entrepreneurs.

Other highlights included a two night camping and camel trekking experience in the Sahara desert. On this trip the group spoke to the camel drivers, cooks and guides about how tourism affects their lives and the opportunities and challenges this offers.

Student Husna Zainal Abidin said, ''The module was very practical and allowed me to truly indulge in my degree study. Additionally, I would never have been able to visit many of the places we went to if I were to visit them by myself mainly due to financial reasons and safety reasons. Hence, the trip did not only change me on an academic level but also on a personal level as we were able to interact with the locals and learn directly from them. All of which, developed my perspectives of thinking.''

The students also made a video exploring the issues relating to their module when they interviewed locals and tourists about souvenirs and authentic travel experiences.

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