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Published: 30 April 2018

A theoretical physicist, a nano-chemist and an electrical engineer walk into the Boiler Room for a night of comedy

On Monday 14 May 2018, a group of scientists from the University of Surrey will set out on an unlikely quest to find out whether science and comedy do in fact mix.


This group of brave researchers, featuring Professor Jim Al-Khalili, will test their talents at The Boiler Room, from 7:30pm, as part of Just Enough Doctorate to Perform (JEDTOP)- a podcast and live event series where science meets improvised comedy.

The renowned theoretical physicist will be joined by nano-chemist Dr Suze Kundu and engineer Dr Radu Sporea. The trio will be guided through their comedy experiments by author and Left Foot First improv comedy group member, Mark Richardson.  

The show is part of the Pint of Science Festival – the world’s largest festival of public science talk. As part of the three-day festivities taking place from 14 May until 16 May, thousands of scientists from nearly 300 cities across the world will be showcasing their innovative research to the public.

For more details on the event, please visit: For details on other events happening during the Pint of Science Festival, please visit:

Professor Jim Al-Khalili said: “Facing difficult challenges is part and parcel of being a theoretical physicist, but performing improvised comedy is another challenge altogether! I’m looking forward to once again supporting JEDTOP and the Pint of Science initiative.”   

Dr Radu Sporea, who is one of JEDTOP’s regular panellists, said: “The format of JEDTOP is unlike anything you’ll have seen before. It seems to resonate well with audiences, so it’s incredibly fun to be a part of.” 

“What’s exciting about this project is that it’s an opportunity for me and my colleagues to talk about our work in a completely different way.”

JEDTOP host Mark Richardson added: “JEDTOP demonstrates the true diversity of academic talents. People are often surprised at how incredibly quick and funny our participants are. Professor Al-Khalili, Dr Sporea and Dr Kundu are no different in this regard. It should be a fantastic evening.”

The Just Enough Doctorate to Perform show takes on many forms – one of which is a podcast. Find episodes here where an eclectic group of scientists discuss how to pour the perfect Guinness, to what type of Big Brother roommate Brian Cox would be.

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