Published: 28 September 2015

University, industry and government collaboration on the agenda as Ed Vaizey, MP visits 5GIC

Following the successful launch of 5GIC on 15th September, the Centre was delighted to welcome Ed Vaizey, Minister of State at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

With the Minister’s focus on the UK’s digital economy and future technologies, the visit provided the ideal opportunity to discuss how academic research and industry will work together with government to put digital innovation at the heart of UK growth.

The government’s digital communications infrastructure strategy places 5G at the heart of its future digital strategy, “We recognise that 5G is expected to deliver the connectivity essential for the full realisation of the Internet of Things and believe the two technological developments should be considered together.” Recognising Surrey’s 5GIC place within these developments, the strategy includes focus on bringing together the public and private sectors to oversee and coordinate Internet of Things activity and contribute views on the development and deployment of 5G.

During the visit to the newly opened Centre, the Minister was shown demonstrations of new technologies already under development including mobile streaming of ultra-high-definition 4K video and technology to support 300% more IoT devices.

With the support of industry partner Huawei, these demonstrations showed the practical advancements industry-academic collaboration is delivering to the development of 5G for the UK.

To learn more about how 5GIC is contributing to future technologies take a look at our new video.

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