Published: 17 April 2015

University of Surrey launches crowdfunding platform

The University of Surrey has announced a new partnership with Crowdfunder to give enterprising students and staff the opportunity to get their ideas off the ground.

The platform works by allowing individuals and groups to seek backing for projects and activities from a wide community of supporters – ‘a crowd’. ‘Project creators’ share an idea or project with immediate contacts such as friends and family, who then share it with their circle of contacts, while social media enhances the ability to reach out to an even larger crowd. Supporters make a pledge that only becomes a physical donation once a project has reached its minimum need.

Through this new partnership, any University of Surrey student or group of students, staff member, club or society will be able use the online platform to raise the funds by crowdfunding on a mass-scale across campus.

Surrey becomes one of the first universities to partner Crowdfunder, alongside Plymouth.

“Innovation and enterprise have long formed an integral part of the culture here at Surrey. Through the partnership with Crowdfunder, we can now provide a very exciting opportunity for our enterprising students and staff to seek funding for their great ideas,” said Chris Gethin, Director of Development and Alumni Relations at the University of Surrey.

“Crucially, through this platform, we can embed further the culture of philanthropy on campus and demonstrate the great things that can be achieved through it.”

Graeme Roy, Head of Operations at Crowdfunder added: “The University of Surrey crowdfunding platform is a fantastic example of how universities can develop their revenue streams, stimulate entrepreneurial behaviour and work closely with the communities and businesses around them to drive real economic change.

“We are looking forward to seeing more and more projects go live and fund as the crowdfunding platform develops, and developing new solutions to drive enterprise in the education sector.”

Emily Jeeves from the University of Surrey Theatre Society, who was the first to fund a project on the platform, said: “We needed to raise funds for our biggest production ever and leapt at the chance to crowdfund our project, reaching out to our community to ask for support.

“Thanks to the University of Surrey and the Crowdfunder partnership, we raised over £600, allowing us to help those at the University who want to gain experience in big productions.”

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