Published: 04 March 2020

Volunteering, with Amina Nagwamma

“Don't ever question the value of volunteers. Noah's Ark was built by volunteers; the Titanic was built by professionals."

The University of Surrey has a leading role as part of a global community – but we recognise that community begins at home, in caring for each other.

Volunteering adds richness to life at the University – and of course to the lives of both volunteers and the people they support. Amina is very proud that several thousand students volunteer annually. ‘The Students’ Union has a dedicated Raising and Giving channel that makes it possible for us to fundraise for a local charity each year. This year, it’s Oakleaf mental health charity.’

Surrey’s volunteering platform is a dedicated University site run by the Students’ Union, for both students and staff. It matches volunteers with opportunities internally and externally, which enables the University community and local charities to connect better, and helps students and staff to target volunteering opportunities that will aid their own personal development while helping others. It’s the backbone of the strong network between the University and the Guildford area – making connections, and encouraging teamwork.

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