Apostolos Panagiotopoulos

Postgraduate Research Student
BSc Materials Science, MSc Chemistry

Academic and research departments

Nanoelectronics Centre, Advanced Technology Institute.


My research project

My qualifications

B.Sc Material Science and Technology
University of Crete
M.Sc Chemistry by Research
University of Southampton


Efthymis Serpetzoglou, Ioannis Konidakis, Temur Maksudov, Apostolos Panagiotopoulos, Emmanuel Kymakis, Emmanuel Stratakis (2019) In situ monitoring of the charge carrier dynamics of CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite crystallization process
Minas M Stylianakis, Temur Maksudov, Apostolos Panagiotopoulos, George Kakavelakis, Konstantinos Petridis (2019) Inorganic and hybrid perovskite based laser devices: a review
Miloš Petrović, Temur Maksudov, Apostolos Panagiotopoulos, Efthymis Serpetzoglou, Ioannis Konidakis, Minas M Stylianakis, Emmanuel Stratakis, Emmanuel Kymakis (2019) Limitations of a polymer-based hole transporting layer for application in planar inverted perovskite solar cells
E Gagaoudakis, A Panagiotopoulos, T Maksudov, M Moschogiannaki, D Katerinopoulou, G Kakavelakis, G Kiriakidis, V Binas, E Kymakis, K Petridis (2020) Self-powered, flexible and room temperature operated solution processed hybrid metal halide p-type sensing element for efficient hydrogen detection
George Kakavelakis, Murali Gedda, Apostolis Panagiotopoulos, Emmanuel Kymakis, Thomas D Anthopoulos, Konstantinos Petridis (2020) Metal Halide Perovskites for High‐Energy Radiation Detection
EmmanuelKymakis, ApostolosPanagiotopoulos, Minas M.Stylianakis, KonstantinosPetridis (2020) Organometallic hybrid perovskites for humidity and gas sensing applications