Damon Hart-Davis

Postgraduate Research Student
BSc(Hons) MSc

Academic and research departments

Centre for Environment and Sustainability.


My research project


Mark Jason Hill, Damon Hart-Davis, Deniz Erbilgin, Andrew Daniel Bard, (2022)Radiator thermostatic control UK Intellectual Property Office

A system for controlling a radiator valve by using a sensor to obtain a current temperature measurement, and then operating a motor to change a valve position based on the temperature measured. If the temperature is within a first range of a target temperature, the valve is maintained in the current position and if the temperature is outside the first range but within a second range greater than the first then the valve position is adjusted by a first amount or at a first speed. The system may obtain measurements of light intensity in the environment or detect if the environment is occupied or not and change the first and second ranges based on these factors. A method where the system also can determine if the temperature is outside the first and second ranges but within a third, even greater range to adjust the valve position by a third amount or speed that is greater than the second amount or speed.