Nana-Fatima Ozeto

Lecturer in Psychology
BSc (Hons), MSc
Student consultation and feedback hours: Thursdays 1400-1600


My qualifications

BSc Psychology
Swansea University
MSc Foundations of Clinical Psychology
University of Southampton


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Nana-Fatima T. Ozeto, Pascale Sophie Russell, Martyn Barrett, Sonia Ingoglia, Nora Wiium, Alida La Coco, Cristiano Inguglia, Francesca Liga, Maria Grazia Lo Cricchio, Nicolò Maria Iannello, Harriet Tenenbaum (2024)The Role of Valuing Cultural Diversity in Children’s Endorsements of Rights, In: European Journal of Social Psychology Wiley

Support for children’s rights is greater among children raised in democratic environments. The present two studies examined children’s endorsements and predictors of children’s rights. Five democratic competences taken from the Council of Europe’s Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture served as predictors. We tested the models in a sample of children raised in five European countries and a sample raised in an African country, seeking to extend our model beyond the Global North. In Study 1, we found four of these five competences, namely, higher valuing of cultural diversity, civic-mindedness, cultural openness, and empathy significantly predicted higher endorsements of rights in children from Bulgaria, Italy, Norway, Romania, and Spain (7 – 11-year-olds, N = 292). In Study 2, we found higher valuing of cultural diversity significantly predicted higher endorsements of rights in Nigerian children (7 – 14-year-olds, N = 84). Supporting social cognitive domain theory, children in both studies endorsed nurturance rights more than self-determination rights. Inclusion of children from the Global North and South enabled us to determine whether patterns of rights endorsements were similar for children from both samples. Overall, this research presents novel findings on the salience of valuing cultural diversity in support for children’s rights.

Harriet R Tenenbaum, Sonia Ingoglia, Nora Wiium, Nicolò M. Iannello, Cristiano Inguglia, Francesca Liga, Alida Lo Coco, Maria Lo Cricchio, Nana-Fatima Taini Ozeto, Martyn D. Barrett (2022)Can we increase children's rights endorsement and knowledge?: A pilot study based on the reference framework of competences for democratic culture, In: European Journal of Developmental Psychologyahead-of-print(ahead-of-print)pp. 1-18 Routledge

This pilot study is the first to examine whether a novel curriculum based on the Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture (RFCDC) could increase children's endorsement and knowledge of children's rights. We conducted a pre-test-post-test design with an intervention and a comparison school. Pupils (n = 172) from Bulgaria, Italy, Norway, Romania, and Spain attended schools in which the curriculum was taught, whereas pupils in the comparison group (n = 120) attended schools in the same city where the curriculum was not taught. Both groups were tested on their endorsement and knowledge of rights before and at the end of the intervention. Children in the intervention group increased in endorsing children's rights at post-test more than did children in the intervention group. Most children believed that children had rights. Children in the intervention group showed modest increases in their knowledge of rights. Future ways of implementing the RFCDC are suggested.

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