Vice-Provost, Education and Students

The Vice-Provost, Education and Students has overall responsibility for innovation in teaching and learning, quality enhancement, quality assurance, and the student experience. The Vice-Provost is supported in these activities by a number of central departments.

Role of the Directorate of Quality Enhancement and Standards

The role of the Directorate of Quality Enhancement and Standards is to manage the development and implementation of regulatory and quality assurance frameworks and to work with faculties to provide support and guidance about systems and procedures. The Directorate also services ULTC, URDC and their sub-committees.

Role of the Department of Higher Education

The Department of Higher Education gives direction to the enhancement of teaching and learning across the disciplines by providing academic leadership for the continued development of excellence in academic practice. The Department provides a framework for the teaching qualifications of academics, ensuring consistency of standards across the University, and offers certificated programmes and academic development opportunities.

Role of the Department of Technology Enhanced Learning

The Department of Technology Enhanced Learning supports and promotes the innovative use of educational technology across the disciplines by providing academic leadership for the development of excellence in this area. The Department provides workshops which focus on both technical competence and pedagogical insights by combining hands-on experience of the technologies with consideration of how they can be employed to enhance the student learning experience.