Applied nuclear physics

Woking closely with industry, we apply and develop computational and experimental methods to detect radioactive and nuclear material across security, energy and medical applications. Our research draws on the latest artificial intelligence approaches including convolutional neural networks, wavelet analysis, genetic algorithms and fuzzy logic. 

Current research projects
Optimisation of AI for breast screening
Data analytics and AI for optimised radiation detection 
Machine learning techniques for nuclear decommissioning 
Enhanced nuclear fuel monitoring 


Past projects
  • Optimised scintillator section through fuzzy logic | 2021
  • Quantum dot enhanced detection technology | 2017-2021
  • Innovative alpha detection for environmental applications  | 2018-2019
  • Thermoluminescence of fibres and beads for radiation dosimetry | 2018-2022
PhD students 


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If you would like further information about our research then please contact Dr Caroline Shenton-Taylor.