Climate Domesday book

An augmented book of essays about the climate, with accompanying audio and video clips.

Start date

19 November 2021

End date

13 March 2022

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This consultancy project aims to create a high-profile multimedia book of invited essays on the possible future of energy and the climate. Contributors will include authors, filmmakers, musicians and futurologists.

Content will be split between paper and screen using the Next Generation Paper platform designed at Surrey and controlled with a fully integrated Magic Bookmark interface. The book is designed for exhibition at the University of Curtin, Perth, in spring 2022 and will also be exhibited in Guildford some time afterwards. It is inspired by Stuart Brand’s 1967 ‘Whole Earth Catalog’, and intended to stimulate the creation of new versions in other cities around the globe. 

The project is funded by Curtin University, including a small consultancy fee of £2,540 to Surrey University for provision of the Magic Bookmark interface. View the Curtin University project page.

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Ely P. & Frohlich D.M. (Eds) (2022) The Climate Domesday Book. University of Curtin Press.

Frohlich D.M. (2022) Making the Climate Domesday Book. In P. Ely & D.M. Frohlich (Eds) The Climate Domesday Book. University of Curtin Press.

Energaia: Imagining Energy Futures. Exhibition, John Curtin Gallery, Curtin University, Australia, 28th March - 8th May 2022. 

Ely P. & Frohlich D.M. (2022) The Climate Domesday Book (pp12-13) in Bender S & Robertson R. (Eds) Energaia exhibition catalogue. Curtin University.