Published: 03 February 2016

Surrey Students Inspired by Industry Experts

A key series of events in the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management’s calendar are our undergraduate and postgraduate Employability Master classes.

Here, industry leaders give presentations and lead workshops to enable students to understand what skills and aptitudes employers look for when recruiting. This is followed by a networking lunch after which students are able to take part in mock interviews, getting individual feedback on their performance.

This February our experts were Hugh Felton, Senior Sustainable Tourism Executive, ABTA, The Travel Association; Jenny McGee, Enterprise Director, VisitEngland; Thea Rogers, Head of Operations, Edwin Doran Sports Tours, TUI Group; Claire Saunders, Managing Director, New Events Ltd; and Rhian Jones, Lakeside Manager, University of Surrey.

 Some students commented: 

 ‘Interesting and engaging with expert speakers’

 ‘A great way to get a useful insight into employablity and real-life examples’

 ‘Great advice for CVs and interesting job opportunities, hope to attend another employability Masterclass soon’

 ‘Impressed with the high profile companies and we learned great tips to find a job or choose a career’ 

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