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Regulation of artificial intelligence

In March 2019, we will be hosting a workshop on the impact of AI on the practice of law and white collar professions.

This is the second year the workshop has been rune. In 2018, the Surrey Centre for Law and Philosophy, in collaboration with the Centre of Digital Economy, hosted a lively conference at University of Surrey on the regulation of artificial intelligence. Experts from Surrey as well as a dozen other countries were present to discuss ideas for navigating the emerging challenges and opportunities created by this revolutionary technology. 

Recent attendance

  • Prof. Ryan Abbott, 'The future of online mediation – AI mediators and AI evaluative tools' (EUIPO Intellectual Property Mediation Conference, Alicante, 30-31 May 2019).
  • Dr Melissa Hamilton, 'Algorithmic Risk Tools in Sentencing Processes(The Shape the Future of Sentencing Research – Innovation and Impact event in front of the UK Sentencing Council, hosted by the City Law School’s Centre for the Study of Legal Professional Practice, 7 November 2018).