Partnerships underpin the School of Veterinary Medicine. The initial concept for a new vet school that capitalised on pre-existing community and professional links among academics and clinicians was the idea of key individuals in our foundation partner group. 

The development of the School has been supported by the passion, knowledge, and dedication of our outstanding partners. As the School has evolved, additional strategic partnerships have been developed to increase opportunities for teaching and research ensuring our students obtain the widest range of experiences in their studies.

Our partner network is of utmost importance to the School of Veterinary Medicine and we look forward to continuing developing and strengthening our relationships and collaborations with the hope that we can continue to work together to deliver our aim: to inspire and educate veterinary professionals who will advance veterinary medicine to meet the needs of a changing world.

Our partner network and key strategic partners

Reflecting the variety of roles that vets play in society, we are proud to work in close cooperation with a range of supporting partners in veterinary clinical education. Through joint appointments, ongoing research links and provision of student placements, this diverse group helps us to prepare our graduates for successful and challenging careers.

Intramural Rotations (IMR) partner network

Our IMR partner network consists of over 90 partner practices around the UK.

Offsite teaching partners 

Our offsite teaching partners are based within the South East of England.

Quarterly partner newsletter

We are pleased to share news and regular updates with our partners via our quarterly newsletter. Our most recent edition, Autumn 2023, contains an overview of this year’s annual Partner Conference: Together, We Can Be Even Better, which was well attended by members of our partner network. The newsletter also contains contact information for our Vet School Partnerships.