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A South American amphibian could potentially hold the key in curing cirrhosis

The unique liver function of a South American amphibian, Siphonops annulatus, could pave the way to finding a cure to the devastating liver condition cirrhosis, a new study published in the prestigious Journal of Anatomy reports. 

Important clue for understanding phantom scratching in syringomyelia identified in BSAVA PetSavers funded student research project

University of Surrey veterinary student, Zoe Nalborczyk was the recipient of a BSAVA PetSavers Award in recognition of her investigation into the MRI characteristics of phantom scratching in dogs with syringomyelia in research undertaken at Fitzpatrick Referrals in partnership with University of Surrey.

University of Surrey partners with CVS to deliver surgical skills training for vet students

A partnership between CVS, the RSPCA and the University of Surrey’s School of Veterinary Medicine has led to the opening of a dedicated neutering clinic at Lumbry Park Veterinary Specialists in Alton, Hampshire.

My postdoctorate research experience - Dr Jonathon Betts, antimicrobial resistance

"I decided to undertake research at Surrey, as I wanted to be part of an institution with strong core values that I believe in and be part of the dynamic research group led by Professor La Ragione."

Tackling antimicrobial resistance in animals

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) inhibits the effective prevention and treatment of an ever-increasing range of infections and it is now being widely debated and recognised as a growing threat to global public health.

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