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We offer a range of sustained and coherent primary activities which are designed to increase aspiration and attainment levels as well as informing about the excitement of engaging in Higher Education.

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Year 5


Balloon Racecars: An Introduction to Engineering

  • How to construct an aerodynamic vehicle
  • The meaning of the term engineering
  • The roles and responsibilities of an engineer
  • Using creative, imaginative skills to engage with an HE degree topic
  • Raising students curiousity with regards to HE study

Healthy Heroes: Finding the Balance

  • Student will gain a better understanding of good nutrition and the eat well guide
  • Explore the nutritional benefits of different foods and different nutritional requirements of people
  • Group working, communication and independent learning 

The Big Bad .... Pigs?

  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of lawyers, judges and the jury
  • Enhanced speaking and listening skills
  • Increased confidence in problem solving 

Green Ninja Training Academy

  • Students will enrole as 'Green Ninjas' playing their part in maintaining a greener and healthier planet
  • Understand climate change and global warming 
  • Learn how to tackle climate change and global warming with a personalised approach or by being involved in a collective movement 

Blood, Bones and Bodies

  • Students will engage with human biology and medicine 
  • Develop practical skills by exploring the bones in our body and what makes up blood
  • Increased understanding of skeletons and blood biology 

Year 6

Science of the Senses

  • Students will be introduced to the exciting area of biosciences
  • Recreate the sound of laser guns and how our eyes can deceive us
  • Can you make a chemical reaction with your mouth?

Roald Dahl Drama Workshop

  • Students will enhance speaking and listening skills
  • Delve into their imaginations, be creative with plots and transform into some world famous characters
  • Increase confidence and team building skills

'Mad about...' Primary Fair 2018

Students will have the opportunity to learn about university, talk to current University students and participate in interactive, fun and diverse subject activities

Learning outcomes:

  • Students to develop a better understanding of what university is, the pathways to university and the social and educational benefits of going to university
  • Students will develop subject specific knowledge, the educational pathways to study these particular subjects and the careers these specific subjects can lead to

Summer 2018 dates TBC

2016 feedback:

91% of students agreed the Mad About Fair has helped them understand what university is

77% of students agreed the Mad About Fair has helped them feel more confident about new subjects

75% of students said they will work hard or very hard at school after this event

"It was a really organised and practical day. Children enjoyed a lot. Thank you!!" (year 6 teaching assistant)

The Splendiferous World of Roald Dahl

  • Workshops focusing on developing students imagination, creative thinking, and use of descriptive language 
  • Student will explore the richness and diversity of language 
  • Student will develop group working skills and finish the workshop by creating a character of their own using descriptive language and words from Gobblefunk (Ronald Dahl's own language)

Does a banana conduct electricity

  • Students will build their own circuits before exploring conductive materials
  • Learn to identify different types of circuits and their components 
  • Identify how electronic devices are powered and programmed through circuits 

How to find at Rock, Paper, Scissors

  • Students will learn about how probability can vary within a game whilst being introduced to game theory
  • Identify patterns and mathematical techniques found within a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors 
  • Explore mathematical patterns, puzzles and theories 

Archaeology is Rubbish

  • Can your students deduce who created the rubbish in the boxes
  • Students will develop skills thinking analytically and creating arguments
  • Students will gain an understanding of what archaelogy is 

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