Year 5

We offer a range of sustained and coherent primary activities which are designed to increase aspiration and attainment levels as well as informing about the excitement of engaging in higher education. 


In-school activity

Our workshops have been designed to be delivered safely within your classroom. We will discuss arrangements with you following your booking request to ensure that our sessions complement your timetable and environment. For further details about how our workshops remain Covid-secure, read our policy below. 

Session Outline | We all know the wolf huffed and puffed, but what was the motivation? Were the pigs to blame at all? Looking at the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf’, pupils will be introduced to law and the justice system, using evidence to build their own case and decide who is guilty!

Key Outcomes | Pupils will understand the basic concepts of how crimes are prosecuted and will develop their analytical and persuasive skills.

Gatsby Benchmarks | Meets benchmarks 4 and 7.

Session Outline | In this “jumpsquiffling” literacy workshop, pupils will explore one of author Roald Dahl’s most “splendiferous” stories: ‘The BFG’. Pupils will learn how descriptive language is used in storytelling and tap into their imagination to create some amazing original characters!

Key Outcomes | Pupils will be able to use elements of descriptive language in their own writing and develop their creative art skills through illustration.

Gatsby Benchmarks | Meets benchmarks 4 and 7.

Session Outline | In this session pupils will learn about our solar system including the Earth’s movement, the sun, and other planets. Students will also have the chance to design their own planet and consider whether humans could be the only living beings in our galaxy.

Key Outcomes | Pupils will develop their understanding of Earth and Space and develop their analytical and persuasive skills.

Session Outline I In this STEM box your students will receive a variety of STEM related demonstrations and activities, which will introduce them to new subjects and relevant STEM related careers. The workshop will be delivered by a member of our Surrey WP&O Team.

Key Outcomes | Pupils will work scientifically to make predictions and discover new areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Pupils will learn about STEM related careers they may aspire to do in the future.

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